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Meeting Rooms

The Library's meeting room spaces are primarily intended to be used for Library related functions. The Library encourages other citizens and groups access to those rooms as part of a program of service to further the Library's objectives.

Bruton Memorial Library

Meeting Spaces

Temple Terrace Public Library

Library Meeting Room Application and Policy

Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library

Library Card Requirement

The individual completing the Application for Use of Library Meeting Rooms must have a current library card in Hillsborough County (with no outstanding fines or fees).

Application Process

  1. Individuals, groups or organizations wishing to reserve meeting rooms must submit a completed application with sufficient processing time, usually two to three business days. Last minute requests will be considered on an individual basis and handled appropriately.
  2. All submitted applications are reviewed prior to confirmation of a reservation.
  3. Individuals, groups or organizations will be notified of the status of their application.
  4. Each application is generally kept on file for one year. The individual, group or organization is responsible for keeping its application current.
  5. For after hours requests, please contact the library branch as well as complete the After Hours Use of Meeting Room Addendum.

Use Limitations

  1. Fire Marshal's maximum occupancy limits cannot be exceeded.
  2. Individuals, groups or organizations must check in with library staff on first arrival for any meeting and provide them with an attendance count before departure.
  3. Refreshments other than dry snacks and covered beverage containers are not permitted in meeting rooms unless prior approval has been obtained from library staff.
  4. Serving or consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited unless prior application approval has to be obtained from the Library Board per LS 534 Alcohol Use Policy.
  5. Storage space for equipment, supplies, materials, etc. belonging to individuals, groups or organizations cannot be provided by the library.
  6. Sound amplification in a meeting room must not impede regular operations of the library.
  7. Copyrighted or commercially produced films, videos, and DVDs must have public performance rights in order to be viewed in a meeting room.
  8. Individuals, groups or organizations' activities may not adversely affect the library's operations.