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Among the Janeites: A Journey Through the World of Jane Austen Fandom
by Deborah Yaffe

A look at the culture that exists among devoted followers of Jane Austen, detailing the hidden subtext in the author's novels and the varied people they have inspired.
At Home with Jane Austen
by Kim Wilson

With gorgeous photography and illustrations, At Home with Jane Austen explores Austen's world, her physical surroundings, and the journeys the popular author took during her lifetime.
A Brief Guide to Jane Austen
by Charles Jennings

Featuring biographical information and an examination of Victorian times, this guide to Jane Austen includes a detailed overview of her literary works and offers, in the author's own words, advice that is applicable in the modern world.
by Jane Austen

Depicts a rich and beautiful heiress whose matchmaking schemes cause many complications.
Emma & Knightley: Perfect Happiness in Highbury
by Rachel Billington

In a sequel to Emma, Emma and Knightley find their newfound happiness threatened by family intrigue, the return of a widowed Frank Churchill, Emma's whims and fancies, and the trials and tribulations of the family of Knightley's brother.
Emma: A Modern Retelling
by Alexander McCall Smith

The best-selling author of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency presents a modern rendering of Jane Austen's classic that follows the experiences of a college graduate who returns to the side of her health-nut father and interferes in the personal lives of her friends.
Jane Austen at Home: A Biography
by Lucy Worsley

A profile of the life and times of Jane Austen by the best-selling author of The Courtiers tours the classic author's childhood home, schools, holiday accommodations and grand and small family estates to reveal lesser-known aspects of Austen's character and inspirations.
The Jane Austen Book Club
by Karen Joy Fowler

As six Californians get together to form a book club to discuss the novels of Jane Austen, their lives are turned upside down by troubled marriages, illicit affairs, changing relationships, and love, in a comedy of contemporary manners. By the author of Sarah Canary.
A Jane Austen Education: How Six Novels Taught me About Love, Friendship, and the Things that Really Matter
by William Deresiewicz

Austen scholar William Deresiewicz turns to the author's novels to reveal the remarkable life lessons hidden within. With humor and candor, Deresiewicz employs his own experiences to demonstrate the enduring power of Austen's teachings. Progressing from his days as an immature student to a happily married man, Deresiewicz's A Jane Austen Education is the story of one man's discovery of the world outside himself.
Jane Austen in Scarsdale: Or Love, Death, and the SATs
by Paula Marantz Cohen

In a tale inspired by Persuasion, dedicated guidance counselor Anne Ehrlich works to help her high school charges through the perils of their college admissions and remembers a past love whose nephew requires her assistance.
Jane Austen Made Me Do It: Original Stories Inspired by Literature's Most Astute Observer of the Human Heart
by Laurel Ann Nattress

“My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” If you just heaved a contented sigh at Mr. Darcy’s heartfelt words, then you, dear reader, are in good company. Here is a delightful collection of never-before-published stories inspired by Jane Austen — her novels, her life, her wit, her world.
Jane Austen on Love and Romance
by Constance Moore

Explaining the early 19th-century classic author's profound insights into the human heart, a guide to relationships draws on the examples of Austen's characters to counsel readers on flirting, courtship and more.
The Jane Austen Project
by Kathleen Flynn

Arriving in 1815 London, two time travelers from a technologically advanced future, a disaster-relief doctor and an actor-turned-scholar posing as wealthy West Indies planters, infiltrate Jane Austen’s inner circle to recover a suspected unpublished novel, but when a special friendship forms between them all, they must make a tough choice.
Jane Austen, the Secret Radical
by Helena Kelly

An authority on Jane Austen invites readers to look deeper into the author’s work and see her true, subversive nature which brought to life radical subjects including slavery, poverty, feminism, the Church and evolution between the pages of her demure drawing rooms.
The Jane Austen Writers' Club: Inspiration and Advice from the World's Best-Loved Novelist
by Rebecca Smith

Examines the methods and devices used by the classic novelist and discusses the important aspects of fiction, including plotting, characterization, openings and endings, dialogue, settings and writing methods, culled from letters Jane Austen wrote to her nieces and nephews.
Jane Austen's England
by Roy Adkins

A cultural portrait of everyday life in Regency England and the world of Jane Austen draws on a rich array of contemporary sources including previously unpublished manuscripts, diaries and personal letters to depict how everyday people shared experiences ranging from marriage and sexuality to health care and religion.
Jane Austen's Charlotte: Her Fragment of a Last Novel
by Julia Barrett

Completed by an author who has specialized in reconstituting Jane Austen's unfinished writings, this fragment of a novel begun before Austen's death finds final expression here, introducing a quirky cast of characters making their way in a countryside resort town.
Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice: The Graphic Novel
by Laurence Sach

Retells in graphic novel format the story of a a spirited young woman in early nineteenth-century England who copes with the suit of a snobbish gentleman, as well as the romantic entanglements of her four sisters.
by Jo Baker

A reimagining of Pride and Prejudice from the perspectives of its below-stairs servants captures the romance, intrigue and drama of the Bennet household from the sideline perspective of Sara, an orphaned housemaid who becomes subject to the arrival of the militia and the attentions of an ambitious former slave.
Letters from Pemberley: The First Year
by Jane Dawkins

In this continuation of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself in a very different league of wealth and privilege, now as Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy and mistress of Pemberley.
Love and Freindship and Other Early Works
by Jane Austen

Jane Austen’s earliest writing dates from when she was just eleven-years-old, and already shows the hallmarks of her mature work. But it is also a product of the times in which she grew up—dark, grotesque, often surprisingly bawdy, and a far cry from the polished, sparkling novels of manners for which she became famous. With a title that captures a young Austen’s original idiosyncratic spelling habits and an introduction by Christine Alexander that shows how Austen was self-consciously fashioning herself as a writer from an early age, this is a must-read for any Austen lover.
The Making of Jane Austen
by Devoney Looser

Just how did Jane Austen become the celebrity author and the inspiration for generations of loyal fans she is today? Devoney Looser’s The Making of Jane Austen turns to the people, performances, activism, and images that fostered Austen’s early fame, laying the groundwork for the beloved author we think we know.
Mansfield Park
by Jane Austen

The private and social worlds of three families are revealed through the experiences of the heroine, Fanny Price.
Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen

Catherine Morland's sentimental illusions crumble as she enters into adulthood.
The Pemberley Chronicles: A Companion Volume to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
by Rebecca Ann Collins

A continuation of the story of Pride and Prejudice begins after the wedding of Elizabeth and Darcy and follows their relationship and that of Jane and Bingley, as they cope with the changes, joys, and tragedies in their lives.
by Jane Austen

The romance between Captain Wentworth and Anne, the daughter of Sir Walter Elliot, seems doomed because of the young man's family connections and lack of wealth.
Pride and Prejudice
by Jane Austen

Human foibles and early nineteenth-century manners are satirized in this romantic tale of English country family life.
Pride and Prescience
by Carrie Bebris

Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy, the courting couple from Pride and Prejudice take the roles of Regency versions of Nick and Nora as they solve a mystery of matters most uncommon.
Sense and Sensibility
by Jane Austen

In nineteenth-century England, two sisters are drawn into unhappy romances despite the cool judgement of one and the emotional intensity of the other.
The Sense and Sensibility Screenplay & Diaries: Bringing Jane Austen's Novel to Film
by Emma Thompson

The Oscar-winning actress presents her screenplay for the film version of Austen's classic novel, along with her personal records of the making of the film, in which she stars, and two dozen photographs taken on location.
A Truth Universally Acknowledged: 33 Great Writers on Why we Read Jane Austen
by Susannah Carson

A erudite collection of essays considers Jane Austen's lasting influence and popularity in literary circles as well as her work's reflection of humanity, in an anthology that includes pieces by such writers as Virginia Woolf, C. S. Lewis and E. M. Forster.
The Watsons & Emma Watson: Jane Austen's Unfinished Novel Completed
by Joan Aiken

In a novel that is based on The Watsons, an unfinished Jane Austen novel, Emma Watson returns from years spent with a much-loved aunt to tend her father's household and to deal with her petty and jealous sisters, ailing father, and vulgar brothers, only to find herself caught up in an adventure as two men compete for her attention, in a volume that also includes Austen's original work.