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WorkInTheFLOW is a coworking initiative to promote libraries as shared workspaces where people can work, meet, create, and collaborate.

WorkInTheFLOW seeks to connect individuals to an integrated support system and help them achieve more than they could alone.


You can work in the flow in 3 easy steps:

  1. 1

    When you enter the library, find the WorkInTheFLOW material station, or ask library staff for assistance.

    Work In The Flow station
  2. 2

    Take a flyer, fill in the information, and fold it into a tent card.

    Work In The Flow flyer
  3. 3

    Display the tent card at chosen work station in the library.

    Work In The Flow tent card

Your tent card indicates to others that you are open to coworking and collaboration.


WorkInTheFLOW is an ongoing library service. You can cowork at the library anytime during open hours.


Check out the Listserv!

The WorkInTheFLOW listserv helps to extend relationships made in the library and connect people with other workers, even beyond the library’s spaces and open hours. Use the listserv to arrange a meet up at the library with other coworkers in your community.

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