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Hillsborough County
Department of Library Services
Policies and Procedures Manual

Subject: Circulation Services

Effective: March 27, 2015

Supercedes: March 1, 2013; August 1, 2011

Review: 2 Years

  1. Purpose:
    1. To support Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library’s (THPL) mission of providing customers with open, focused, responsive service in a welcoming environment, THPL provides a full range of circulation services that facilitate registration of qualified library customers and enable their use of library materials and resources, while maintaining borrower confidentially as required by law.
  2. Policy:
    1. Circulation services are provided to all Hillsborough County residents and property tax payers, and fee-paying non-County residents. Specific qualifications for registration and use of library materials and resources are determined by library administration with approval of the Library Board and specified in LS 103 Library Card Registration and Renewals.
    2. Circulation services are provided to all customers without discrimination. To acilitate optimum service, categories of users (Adult, Juvenile, Resident, Corporate, etc.) may be established.
    3. Confidentiality of circulation records is maintained in accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapter 257.261 and LS 102 Customer Record Privacy.
    4. Circulation services are essential to the success of THPL’s mission. To measure service provided, statistical tallies of circulation activities are compiled and reported as directed by library administration.
    5. All monetary transactions are handled in accordance with BOCC Accounting directives and Chapter 1500 Monetary.
    6. Circulation services are provided to customers in a range of convenient, efficient methods including in-person service at all library locations, as well as through correspondence and electronic means (telephone, fax, on-line), as appropriate.
    7. Circulation services are provided by friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Staff are to consistently demonstrate positive customer service skills and are expected to:
      1. Treat customers as the first priority.
      2. Greet and assist customers in a friendly, courteous, professional manner.
      3. Attempt to resolve any customer problems that may arise in consultation with the Circulation in-charge staff member, Branch or Department Supervisor, Regional Manager or appropriate Manager as needed.
    8. Each Branch or Department Supervisor is responsible for maintaining circulation service standards and procedural applications.
  3. Procedure:
    1. In Person
      1. Customers should present their library card or must present a valid photo ID, and the account must be in good standing without any fines or fees in order to check out material.
      2. The following circulation services are provided to customers in person:
        1. Library card registration and renewal
        2. Checkout of materials
        3. Check-in of materials
        4. Renewal of materials
        5. Payment of fees and fines
        6. Operational/directional information
        7. Pick up of requested items (holds)
        8. Voter registration and voter information correction
        9. Application for corporate cards
        10. Other services as appropriate
    2. Telephone
      1. Customers must provide their library card number in order for staff to provide information about their record in accordance with LS 102 Customer Record Privacy.
      2. The following types of circulation services are provided to customers by telephone:
        1. Answering questions about notices received by a customer
        2. Checking the status of a customer’s record and items checked out
        3. Checking the status or changing the pickup location of Requested Items (Holds)
        4. Answering operational/directional questions
        5. Renewing library materials
        6. Courtesy 30-day library card renewal
        7. Placing Requests for customers for library materials
        8. Setting library card status to "Lost"
        9. Requests for information about the corporate card program
        10. Other services as appropriate
      3. Staff are to handle all telephone transactions in accordance with Administrative Directive #AD-05, Hillsborough County Telephone Policies and Procedures and THPL Telephone Scripts.
        1. Telephones in the public areas are to be used for library business only.
        2. Telephone lines are to be kept clear when not in use and never left off the hook.
        3. Callers are never to be placed on hold without first giving them an opportunity to speak.
    3. Correspondence
      1. The following types of circulation services are provided to customers through correspondence:
        1. Payment of fines and fees
        2. Processing of "Patron Claimed Returned" items
        3. Change of address notification
        4. Processing of Corporate Library Card applications
        5. Fine and Fee Appeals
        6. Other services as appropriate
    4. Online Services
      1. The following circulation services are provided to customers online via the HCPLC Web site:
        1. Requests for library materials to be held or sent to another branch for pickup
        2. Renewal of borrowed materials
        3. Checkout of electronic materials
        4. Payment of fines and fees with credit or debit card
        5. Other services as may be accommodated and appropriate.
  4. Authority:

    Pursuant to Section 5(1) of Chapter 84-443, Laws of Florida, the Public Library Board has the duty and the responsibility, among others, to serve in a recommending capacity to the Director of Library Services and to the County Administrator in respect to all matters pertaining to the public library.