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Hillsborough County
Department of Library Services
Policies and Procedures Manual

Subject: Library Card Registration and Renewals

Effective: March 25, 2015

Supercedes: February 28, 2014

Suggested Review: 2 Years Or As Necessary

  1. Purpose:
    1. Library cards are provided to customers to facilitate borrowing of materials and tracking of items requested, checked out, returned, overdue, etc., and to access or check out electronic resources on line.
    2. Additionally, library Cards are provided to facilitate access to the Internet and library electronic resources using the library’s time management software and remote authentication software.
    3. Rigorous verification of identity, address and birth date are necessary as a part of the registration process to ensure that accurate borrower information is maintained due to the potential financial obligation upon customers.
    4. Library cards are required when reserving meeting room space.
  2. Policy:
    1. Customers may register for library cards in person at any branch, on the Bookmobile or Cybermobile, at Cooperative libraries in Plant City or Temple Terrace.
    2. Re-registration is performed to renew a customer’s card or replace a card that is lost or damaged. One free replacement card may be issued per year.
    3. Customers must provide identification whenever registering for the purpose of verifying name, birth date and current residential address. When updating an expired card, identification of name and current residential address is required.
    4. Customers must pay all fines/fees before renewing their library card.
    5. Customers may have only one active library card at a time.
    6. In order to facilitate technological efficiencies such as self check out, customers should present the actual card to borrow materials.
    7. Customers may not use another’s library card for the purpose of avoiding fines or fees, or accessing the Internet and/or the library’s networked resources. Customers may still allow others to use their card to act as their agent.
    8. THPL complies with Florida Statutes, Chapter 97.058 and Chapter 97.021(36) by offering, at all public service agencies, the opportunity to register to vote or change voter registration information every time a customer requests this service, registers for a library service, renews registration for a library service or changes the address on the library record.
  3. Procedure:
    1. Registration – Children (Under Age 17)
      1. In order to obtain a library card, customers must complete the library registration form and provide staff with documentation to verify identity, birth date and residential address. Customers must provide their full legal name including any middle name that matches their identification.
      2. Identity and Address Verification - Acceptable Documents
        1. A customer is not issued a library card until his or her identity and birth date are confirmed. Any of the following original current photo identifications can be used to verify a customer’s name and/or birth date:
          1. Driver’s license
          2. State identification card
          3. Student identification
          4. Employee identification
          5. Military identification
          6. Passport, Visa or Consulate issued ID
          7. Immigration records
          8. Online prison or arrest records
        2. Any of the following current paper or electronic versions can be used to verify a customer’s address:
          1. Driver’s license
          2. State identification card
          3. Student identification
          4. Employee identification (including a paycheck stub dated within 30 days)
          5. Permanent voter registration card
          6. Automobile registration
          7. Property tax notice or receipt
          8. First class mail postmarked within the last 30 days sent by an institutional third party (government agency, banks, schools, utilities, etc.)
          9. Lease or rental agreement and/or current month’s rent receipt(s)
          10. Current month’s utility bill
        3. Hillsborough County Post Office Addresses
          1. Hillsborough County post office boxes may be used as a customer’s primary mailing address if one of the following unexpired identification bears that address:
            1. (aa) Florida driver’s license
            2. (ab) State of Florida identification
            3. (ac) Permanent voter registration card
          2. The customer also is asked to provide verification of a physical address within Hillsborough County using any of the documents listed in LS 103.3A(2)(b) above/
        4. Customers living in congregate or assisted living facilities may have their identity and birth date verified by the appropriate authorities of that facility.
    2. Registration – Children (Under Age 17)
      1. A child under the age of 17 can be issued a library card provided his/her parent or legal guardian signs the child’s application.
      2. Parent/legal guardians may choose to restrict their minor children, under the age of 17, from borrowing R-rated or unrated video materials. A parent or guardian signature is required.
      3. Parent/legal guardians may choose to waive participation of their minor children, under the age of 17, in the Internet Safety Training.
      4. Parent/legal guardians who have library cards must have records in good standing. Juvenile cards may not be issued for the purpose of avoiding paying fines/fees owed by the parent/guardian.
    3. Registration Fees
      1. New library cards are free for Hillsborough County residents and employees of Hillsborough County government. One free replacement for a lost or stolen library card may be issued per year dating from the issue date.
      2. Non residents can be issued free cards if they provide documentation (such as property tax bill) verifying their Hillsborough County property tax-paying status. A Hillsborough County employee photo ID is required for Hillsborough County government employees to be issued a free card.
      3. Non Hillsborough County residents must pay an annual fee of $100.00 per household to obtain a library card. One free replacement for a lost or stolen library card may be issued per year dating from the issue date
    4. Card Holder Responsibilities
      1. The adult library card holder is responsible for any fines, collection fees, damage assessments, or overdue charges for materials borrowed with the card, including items borrowed by another person using the card, unless the card has been reported lost or stolen and material was checked out after the date card was reported lost or stolen.
      2. The parent or guardian of a child under age 17 is responsible for any fines, collection fees, damage assessments, or overdue charges for materials borrowed with the child’s card.
      3. The library card holders are expected to notify the library if their mailing address, telephone number or e-mail address changes.
      4. Library card holders (or parent/legal guardian) are responsible for reporting lost or stolen cards to the library immediately.
        1. If a cardholder makes the report in person, he/she is asked to provide identification to verify name, address, phone number and date of birth.
        2. If the customer does not have identification or is reporting the loss by phone, staff asks for the same information and checks the information supplied against the customer record in the computer.
        3. The customer is advised of any items checked out, charges, blocks, etc. before setting the card to Lost.
        4. A replacement card is issued upon the customer’s request in person in accordance with LS 103.3A (2)(b).
        5. If a customer’s card is found at a library, a note is put in the record indicating where the card was found, that Photo ID will be needed to claim it and that it will be held for 30 days Unclaimed cards shall be rendered useless and discarded after 30 days.
        6. Branch or Department Supervisors have the authority to accept or deny customer requests to leave library cards at the library for safekeeping.
    5. Expirations and Renewals
      1. Library cards are set to expire periodically and must be renewed in order to allow library staff the opportunity to verify and update card holder registration information.
      2. Most library cards are valid for a period of three years from the date of issue.
      3. Corporate cards and Non-Resident cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.
      4. Non-resident cardholders must pay an annual re-registration fee in order to renew a card.
      5. Library card holders who cannot provide current identification may be given a 30-day Courtesy renewal and have a note placed in their record stating, “30 day Courtesy Card renewal; please verify address.” They will be asked to verify name and current residential address upon their next visit the library.
    6. Deceased Customers
      1. Valid proof of a customer’s death must be provided to access their account. Such proof includes a death certificate, printed obituary or on-line death notice.
      2. Accounts with no fines or fees shall be deleted.
      3. Accounts with fines or fees will remain in the database. Do not waive these fines or fees. Place a blocking note in the record with the death information.
  4. Authority:

    Pursuant to Section 5(1) of Chapter 84-443, Laws of Florida, the Public Library Board has the duty and the responsibility, among others, to serve in a recommending capacity to the Director of Library Services and to the County Administrator in respect to all matters pertaining to the public library.