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Hillsborough County
Department of Library Services
Policies and Procedures Manual

Subject: E-Government

Effective: May 10, 2010

Supercedes: New

Review: 2 Years

  1. Purpose:
    1. The Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System (the Library) provides assistance and computer instruction in order to facilitate customer access to E- Government Services.
    2. The Library provides computers so that customers can access information and other online services, including E-Government services.
  2. Policy:
    1. E-Government is the use of technology, particularly the Internet, as a means to deliver government services and to facilitate the interaction of the public with government entities.
    2. The Library provides access to E-Government services in accordance with LS 306 Access to Electronic Resources.
    3. The Library provides assistance with E-Government Services in accordance with LS 302 Delivery of Reference Services and LS 303 Types of Reference Questions.
  3. Procedure:
    1. Staff Assistance:
      1. Library staff may provide assistance to customer accessing E-Government services by:
        1. Providing basic computer instruction.
        2. Finding information about government programs and services, jobs, education and other government transactions.
        3. Locating Web sites with the requested E-Government forms.
        4. Providing limited assistance in completing applications and forms (see LS 302.3A (13) Online Forms and Applications).
        5. Assisting in obtaining free email accounts.
        6. Assisting with copying and printing of transactions.
      2. Library Staff may not provide the following forms of assistance:
        1. Advising customers as to which forms or applications they specifically need to obtain government services.
        2. Entering data, completing forms in their entirety and/or submitting completed forms or applications for customers.
        3. Serving as witness for any submission or completion of forms, applications or other documents.
        4. Interpreting questions asked on forms and applications, or advising of appropriate answers to questions asked on forms and applications.
      3. Library Staff should refer customers needing additional assistance in completing forms and/or applications to the appropriate Hillsborough County government agency (ex: Aging Services, Health & Social Services), or to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay via the 211 Crisis Hotline to arrange additional assistance.
    2. Responsibilities:
      1. The Library’s computers used to obtain E-Government services do not retain any personal information, no "cookies" are kept, temporary and Internet files are removed, and the Internet cache is cleared at the end of each user's session.
      2. The Library and the library staff will not collect or retain any personal information used in accessing E-Government services.
      3. Library staff will not intentionally view any personal information that patrons enter into the computer in order to obtain E-Government Services. The viewing of personal information by library staff may be necessary only in order to assist customers with their E-Government transactions. The privacy of information provided by customers is governed by Florida Statutes, Chapter 257.261.
      4. The Library is not responsible for the content found on other websites, for any failure in transmission of online applications or forms to other agencies, or for accurate submission of forms or information. The Library cannot guarantee that other agencies receive forms or information submitted from library computers or act on them appropriately. No agreement or contract is created between the customer and the library staff or the library system.
      5. The Library uses best efforts to ensure network security. Nevertheless, the customer assumes all responsibility for the use of the library’s network and networked resources, including interference with the customer’s data, laptop computer or other devices.
      6. The Library is not liable for the loss or compromise of any confidential or sensitive, or any other information, or for any and all damages resulting from that loss or compromise.
      7. The Library is not responsible for the outcomes expected by customers as a result of their E-Government transactions (i.e. receiving or not receiving benefits). The Library is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by customers to E-Government service providers.
  4. Authority:

    Pursuant to Section 5(1) of Chapter 84-443, Laws of Florida, the Public Library Board has the duty and the responsibility, among others, to serve in a recommending capacity to the Director of Library Services and to the County Administrator in respect to all matters pertaining to the public library.