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Materials Selection Policy
Section VI. Selection Criteria
Part II B) Criteria and Scopes for Media and Realia Materials For Video Materials

The Library’s goal is to provide a broad collection of digital video discs [hereafter called video(s)], that meets community demand while supporting the library’s mission and key objectives. Appropriateness and expected long term use and value to the collection are deciding factors in the selection of adult and children’s videos. Emphasis is placed on acquiring videos of contemporary significance and permanent value. Particular attention will be paid to acquiring materials related to literature. The Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System does not aim to compete with commercial video businesses but to meet the diverse needs of the citizens of Hillsborough County.

General quality criteria also include the following:

  • Present and potential relevance to community needs and interests
  • Insight into the human condition
  • Accurate presentation of factual information
  • Usefulness to intended audience
  • Public demand resulting from the attention of critics
  • High-quality performance and accurate content
  • Technical skill in production
  • Presentation most effectively or appropriately delivered by the video format
  • Items that may be in high demand, but have received poor reviews in general may not be selected.

An acceptable level of quality is determined in one or more of the following ways:

  • By the opinions of critics in authoritative review sources
  • Through recognition by awards given by critical or artistic organizations, institutes or associations
  • In-house review evaluation by professional staff

The scope of the collection includes the following types of videos which are selected based on the principles and criteria listed above:

  • educational productions
  • children’s films
  • documentaries on current and historical issues
  • biographies
  • sports, travel, health, exercise, nutrition, self-help/how-to and other popular nonfiction videos
  • educational public and cable television productions
  • videos produced locally or that have relevance to Florida or the Tampa Bay area
  • recordings of live performances (including dance, opera, Broadway, gospel and other)
  • modern classics
  • award winning films
  • films produced in a foreign country or in a foreign language
  • silent films
  • critically acclaimed feature films
  • classic television series (as recognized by national TV authorities)
  • critically acclaimed commercial network television
  • critically acclaimed cable television

Approved by Library Board on 5/26/05; Updated on 11/10/14.