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Libraries can transform your life. Whether it’s about education, jobs or just getting ahead, the resources at your library can create positive change and new opportunities.

How has the library transformed YOU?

I had no idea when I walked in today that I would benefit from 2 tech guys to help me diagnose my computer issues. I know our lib has many types of services but this blew me away. Kind, patient, smart and here to help anyone? This is a phenomenal resource for our community. Having a building full of good stuff is great. Having a building full of smart, helpful people?! This is my tax dollars literally AT WORK and I am thrilled. Hats off & thank you for going above & beyond for our community.

I had to get an important paper faxed from your library (Charles Fendig Library in South Tampa, Fla) on 12-3-18. I’m not very “tech savvy” and don’t own a computer but your employees, Toma, Sharon and Chris were so kind, helpful and professional in helping me I just have to drop a note to you telling you of these wonderful people you have working for you. Please put a complimentary note in their personnel files, please. I believe in “warm fuzzies” for good service. Thank you.

I’m thankful for the New Tampa Regional library for hosting community events, lectures & educational programs that I can bring my children too. My 5th grader enjoyed learning and meeting a living Tuskegee Airmen and getting a signed copy of his book and DVD. Thank you Hillsborough County Library Coalition!

Every two weeks I check out 20-25 books for my kids. We snuggle in bed and read them every night. We have explored fiction and nonfiction. We’ve talked about history and important events like slavery and 9-11. They can ask whatever questions they want and we laugh and sometimes cry together. Without the library we would not have the opportunity to share these experiences.

Buenos días, estoy bien satisfecha por el gran trabajo de la bibliotecaria nombrada Gledys. Muy conocedora de su trabajo en todos los aspectos, ayuda con gran facilidad y muy amable en todo lo que hace. Con honestidad recomendaría a cada uno de los visitantes que asistieran sin menispreciar el trabajo de los demas que es muy bueno también que se asistieran con ella. Gracias Gledys por su gran trabajo. Felicidades en un ratito aprendí algo nuevo de usted.

We have been faithful goers to story time with Mrs. Janet at Jimmie B. Keel. We started going when my my son was 1, he now is 5. Mrs. Janet always goes over the chart of skills and tells us how these are skills tested in school. Sure enough, my son was tested on them this year and did wonderfully except for one category. I told Mrs. Janet about his results and she was proud and immediately pointed me to the books that could help my son improve in the area he was not so great at. It is almost the end of the year and my son is excelling in every single category. We are very grateful to God for resources like Jimmie B. Keel and wonderful librarians like Mrs. Janet.

The Riverview Library and its staff are wonderful! I enjoy reading the many free books for my consumption and like learning how writers develop or construct their books. I attempted to write a few things and to my pleasure my submissions were published! The staff have encouraged me, which is kind. They offer pleasant service to all their customers. Thanks so much.

In 1996 I contacted the library inquiring on programs to read to the elderly. At the time there was not such a program. The librarian suggested the library literacy program for non native speakers. I was matched up with a gentleman from Cuba. He spoke very little English and at the time I spoke very little Spanish. Through the resources of the program, television, Russian and the human spirit he learned to read and speak English. Together we have assisted others to read and speak English. Thanks to this literacy program many lives have been touched for the better. Thank you HCPL.

The HIVE at John F. Germany Library served as a beautiful proof of concept for our belief that library makerspaces can serve communities in new & meaningful ways. HCPLC's willingness to take the lead in developing the area's first large scale public library makerspace 5 years ago helped set the stage for other libraries throughout Tampa Bay to follow suit & provided a fantastic proving ground for concepts I've since explored and expanded upon in two books, Makerspaces in Libraries and Library Makerspaces: The Complete Guide, both of which feature the HIVE and the great librarians who make it possible.

I just got back from living in Ethiopia, Africa for the last two years thanks to the Peace Corps program. To come back to a library full of books & more was like a dream come true. We all here in the USA do not realize how lucky we are to have full access to so much knowledge at no cost at all. This is something we take for granted here but does not exist in many other parts of the world. I hope the library continues to thrive as it provides so many opportunities for all of us here of all ages and interests. I hope that more of us can participate in the library and in doing so strengthen our communities.

My story starts with my oldest child who loved to read. We have a library at home and she was asking for something to read and I told her "go get a book." She then said "but I have read them all." My husband and I then decided that we will take her to the library. It ended up being a weekly thing. We had other children later and the tradition continued. We didn't just go to one library we went to several (C. Blythe Andrews, Robert W. Saunders, and Seminole Heights). The library staff came to know my family well. I have 4 children, all are grown except for 1, she is in the 11th grade. Thank you for always being there for my children through the many years.

I have used Lutz Branch Library for years for my research and reading. I love this library, it's always friendly and helpful. I am homeschooled, and have won 1st in Florida History Day competition for Hillsborough 3 times consecutively and STEM Fair this past year. My latest project, headed to Tallahassee, is about The Women's Army Auxiliary Corps. These inspirational women had served from the 1940s to the 1970s across the globe, including our beloved home state of Florida. I'm truly blessed to have such a special location, as Lutz Branch guide my journey. Thank you for the memories through my childhood of reading here with my family, and continuous resources for my endeavours. My community library has enriched my life.

I have been using the Bruton Memorial Library since I first moved to Florida in 1971. I have taken my children and now my grandchildren to check out books, use the computers, attend the many children events that have taken place over the years, and sometimes, just a quiet place to sit and read . I, myself, spent many hours studying for my college classes, and using the many resources available throughout the Hillsborough County library system. I have voted there for several years. I really believe that most people do not realize the real treasures our libraries can be to all of us!

I want to thank Senior Librarians, Michelle Michaud and Julie Troupe, for supporting me in my dream. They have read a number of my books and placed them on their library shelves. Now, the books are available for the community to read, discuss, and share. I appreciate their time and gracious appreciation of my writings. In their way, they help feed my passion... and remind me why I write. Thank you Michelle Michaud and Julie Troupe for your support of local authors like myself.

I moved to New Tampa 2 years ago and I've been using the library ever since. I spend my days off work studying for my licensing exam in the library. I appreciate the quiet room which give me a space that I can concentrate without any distractions. I have to admit that at this point I'm obsessed with spending time in the library either studying, taking classes or bringing my son to the children's area. The staff is very attentive and cordial. Without a doubt I can say that I LOVE THE LIBRARY!

Our first visit to Tampa was during the Vietnam War. We stopped in Tampa, MacDill AFB for the night and continued to South Florida, Turkey Point. Fighter pilots were required to attend water survival training before heading to Southeast Asia and the war. I remember the John F. Germany library as we exited I-275 onto Ashley Boulevard. The only tall building then was First Florida and that library made a long-lasting impression. What a big library, and since I love libraries I was impressed that any city with one that large is a place to be. On my last tour overseas I asked to be assigned to an F-4 squadron at MacDill AFB. So in many ways, the library helped me decide to retire in Tampa.

Any time we're downtown we stop by the Friends of the Library book sale. We love giving old books a new home!

I don't have a story to tell. I just want to say the library system in Hillsborough County is really excellent. The staff at Brandon Regional Library is outstanding. They have been cheerful and provided fast service in all instances from book notifications to counter service. Thank you all, you are worth every tax dollar paid to support the library system! Keep up the great work...

My commute to work was previously long and boring. It didn't help that the same songs would play repeatedly on the radio. Enter the Library. The staff at the Lutz branch library helped introduce me to the incredible selection of audio books available at the branch. If a particular audio book was not available at my branch, I could still reserve it in the library system and it would be sent to my branch. It couldn't be easier! Now I really enjoy my commute to work, because it means I get to spend more time with the characters in the latest story I'm listening to. Thank you to all the incredible staff at the library for making my days extra bright and adventurous!

I remember going to the library as a family! It was the most special of nights. We would all walk in together and then disperse to each of our sections! My sisters and brother and I would head for the kids library and who knows where our parents were, ;). I remember to this day how I felt when I got my own library card and could check out my own books too. It was a wonderful feeling! Thanks for being there, I have been to many wonderful places and without you I wouldn't have these memories!

I started going to Baby Time by accident when I went to return some books with my 8 month old son and noticed the class was starting soon. Being a new mom I didn't have many friends and didn't get out of the house as much as I liked. Miss Janet was so welcoming we started to go to class every week and once my son turned 18 months, we started going to Toddler Time. We have both made many friends, learned fun songs and rhymes, and have made this story time as part of our weekly routine.

When we moved to Seffner in 2015 my daughter Bianca was 1. She couldn’t talk yet. We have since made it a ritual to visit our library once per week. By the time she turned 2 she was not only speaking perfect English but reading. Now she’s 4 and reads at a second grade level. We have become regulars and our librarians always greet us with a smile. The people who saw my daughter reading at 2 years old were amazed and now even at 4 when she begins to read multi syllable and compound words and check out chapter books I’m constantly asked her age. We still, to this day, visit our local library weekly and there are times when she begins to read aloud that a small crowd of other kids tune in.

Growing up in poverty, my local library was always an escape for me. I could check out books and transport to amazing worlds that inspired me to continue dreaming and working toward those dreams. Today, I still find solace among the printed word, but more than that, all the fun classes and clubs and informational resources the Southshore library offers are truly invaluable and has now inspired my daughter to dream some lofty goals. We love our local library!

I would come to the library to study and do assignments for DCF Child Care. On some days I would be tired and a little stressed, and the ladies at the Ruskin Branch would always speak so kindly to me, and if I asked for help about printing or the password which I may have forgotten were not bothered. I've grown to love and appreciate them all: Isabel, Sharon, Margaret, Sylvia, and Cheryl! I earned my child care license and I am in the process of fulfilling my dream of working with children, especially at-risk children who need love and guidance. I thank the library staff for teaching me patience.

Today was the first day that I ventured into Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library and I absolutely love the atmosphere here. I felt curious and kind of nervous because I didn't know where to start, but I had a great experience and the staff is very helpful.

I always look forward to our class. Margaret is a wonderful teacher and always has something great for us to do. We all have a great time and wish the class was just a little longer sometimes. I just want to thank all the ladies for their kindness. God bless them all.

It has given me a place to go and relax and just envision all the knowledge that is in that building. I can get books in all sorts of forms but because of having arthritis really bad and find it difficult to hold a book, I am using eBooks. I came home from visiting the library, sat down in my recliner and listened to beautiful things. I know that this will be a place that I will be able to come as often as I want and learn, learn, learn.

Even though my library card says that I've been a member since you folks started using that electronic system, I've actually been visiting numerous branches of the library here in Tampa for 50 years. When I was a kid I used to ride my bicycle to the West Tampa Branch or, if I was at my mom's office on Kennedy Blvd. in the summertime, I'd walk to the old Peninsula Branch (Charles Fendig these days, I think). I've spent hours and hours in the library. I was instilled with the love of reading and books by mom when I was very, very young. Not a day goes by that I'm not reading something. I had a personal library of over 15,000 editions up until recently, when I liquidated 3/5s of them. My books were taking over my home. All I really wanted to say is that I LOVE THE LIBRARY! You folks are the best. Keep up the great work. I hope to still be visiting for the next 45 years or so.

Recién llegada a USA, fue el medio por el cual pude mantener contacto con mi familia al poder acceder al servicio de internet para comunicarme con ellos, y lo más asombroso para mí, de manera gratuita. Siempre encuentras un personal super amable y colaborador. Tuve la oportunidad de servir como voluntaria en la biblioteca por un corto tiempo pero con gran satisfacción y agradecimiento.

I like the library for many reasons. One of these is the incredible selection of materials that can be ordered via email and sometimes by using interlibrary loans. Another attribute of the public library system is the variety of those materials. There are movies, documentaries, music soundtracks, magazines, and books of fiction and expository books. Many of these books can be found on audio. And of course, all of these things are well organized and easy to access.

The library is a fun place to help you learn about the topics you like. I like the library because I can find the music I like to listen to on CD. It's good that a lot of the CD's are being put on hoopla. It's also fun to look for books of information. The library has a wide variety of events and activities. The library is a nice place to study.

We love the library! The Lutz Branch Library is our second home because the staff is so wonderful and friendly. They have helped us transform our lives by providing us with so many rich, wonderful educational materials. We love all the books, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs and the chess classes they provide. We also love the interlibrary loan, the hold system and the large number of items we can check out. We've been 'regulars' since we moved close to the library almost 20 years ago. We didn't realize it then but the library was one of the best perks to our new house.

The library has changed my life because I can get so many books there to read.

I also like the library because it has my favorite movies. The library has events like chess class, building with Legos, and Star Wars. And it also has audiobooks. Also, the library has educational books. The librarians provide assistance if you need it.

I have loved books all of my life and seemed to have accumulated quite a library myself over the years. I became very ill a little over a year ago and moved to a retirement community. It was almost impossible to participate in the community activities. One thing that transformed my life was the BOOKMOBILE. I think I checked out ten books at a time - greatly expanding my horizons. I would like to say that sweetness, helpfulness and love I received from the librarians on the bus was amazing and very much appreciated! Love you all!

It has changed my life drastically. I love this library. It’s nice and peaceful and the staff are very wonderful with helping me.

It's hard to believe that I've been coming here for 18 years. I've watched kids grow up and now I bring my grandchildren here. The gardens in the new park in the new library are blessing to all of us here in Town and Country. Thank you so much for donating this property to us.

The Seminole Heights branch is a pleasant, well-equipped place to work. I bring my laptop here when I want to work in a 'third place,' i.e. not home, not work. The only thing that would make it better would be a cafe...however, that might cause the place to get too crowded :-) so I think I'll just continue making and bringing my own coffee in a thermal cup! Seriously, though, the personnel are all very helpful and pleasant. Oh, yes, and I also come here to fill my requests for books and DVDs. This is my neighborhood branch, I live a few blocks up the street, and I'm so glad I do.

I was referred to the library by another agency. I had been trying to find the final resting place of a friend who was killed in action in Korea on 8/11/1952 (P.F.C. Joe L. Stokes), I spoke to Janet who took all of the information that I had and told me she would see what she could find for me. She returned my call after a few hours and gave me important information. Janet was not only kind and courteous, but explained every detail of her search. The library should be very proud to have an employee like Janet. She was a pleasure to talk to and an asset to the public library. Thank you.

...One of my greatest eye opening experiences was at the Library... a remarkable place that you can to get help, to know useful information, visit English conversation clubs, you can get help with writing a resume, and help with taxes. Here you can find a lot of programs for children and adults. What surprised me the most that it is perfectly organized and absolutely free, and it has a very friendly atmosphere. At the library I feel more happy and confident... Never in my life have I met such open, friendly people, ready to help with any question. In conversation classes I also find people from my country (Ukraine) and are family friends now... the Library is a wonderful place to start and take social adaptation in new life. And I want to say Thank you to all who every day work in the Library and help people like me. You change the world for the best! Thank you!

I am glad that the Mobile Library Unite comes to JL Young Gardens because my quality of living is much better and because of my disabilities I find the mobile unit easy to use, and I enjoy the DVDs and books it carries. I want to thank the Tampa Public Library for providing such wonderful service.

This is a note of thanks for all of the Public Libraries in Hillsborough County, best especially for the bookmobile. I am a resident of Fountainview Estates and we are all so grateful for the Bookmobile. The service provided to our Seniors by Lisa and Dè Shaun is remarkable in that they are always so pleasant, no matter the circumstances, helpful and always have us laughing and enjoying ourselves. To say they are a blessing is an understatement and I know all of our Senior Citizens living here and elsewhere would agree. Thank you.

Libraries, I now love them, but I never was very interested until I have a child. My daughter is 17 now, she was six, when we moved from Miami to Brandon. It has been twelve years. She want to move to this place where, we spend so many hours and days; for her different programs, reading summer classes and then my husband with the wonderful computers classes, that the library still offers for free! I`m not good in English, but because this practices and readings I been doing better. I know I have to work in my grammar. Thanks very much Brandon library for your wonderful job and also to the volunteers.

I'm an avid reader. I used to buy, read, and give away dozens of new books a year. Now that I'm retired and my income's reduced, I use your "app and hold" process to gain access to the best in new fiction and nonfiction and classics I missed - at no cost except for a bit of waiting time. Whether I'm second or 202 on a hold list, I eventually get the book I want. I also use the library as a fun destination for "my kids" as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem. Bottom line: I'm most appreciative of our county library system. It's a valuable asset.

This library has helped me in multiple ways!!!!

1) During high school, I used to come volunteer here at the Library so I could get my community service hours I needed for my 100% bright futures scholarship requirements.

2) Since the air conditioner did not work at home, I used to come study here. A nice, quiet and cool place to study.

3) I studied here for my dental school entrance exam. I did so well that I got accepted to and attended Columbia University Dental school and was dual-enrolled there for a master's degree as well!

4) As a dentist (back in FL), I came back here in order to study for my jurisprudence exam and get my coveted FL license!!!

I love this library so much!!!

Wow el servicio es fabuloso, el viernes me encontré una empleada vietnamesa.

Pienso, fue tan amable me ayudo a conseguir la dirección de mi seguro médico, y como lograr enviar mis recibos para un reembolso que hacía 2 meses estaba buscando quien me ayudara.

Perdonen que no puedo hacer mi comentario en inglés, pero yo sé que alguien lo va a traducir mil gracias, a todas mis amigas que somos mujeres solas hispanas les recomiendo llegar a la librería para pedir ayuda si lo necesitan y orientarse en muchas actividades.

Many years ago (in the early 50's) I moved from my hometown and life-long friends into a new and challenge environment. With a husband away from home Monday through Friday and three little boys in grade school, I lived a life of limited access to sociability. Then one day, the Bookmobile showed up, and presented an opportunity for recreation (I've been an avid reader since age five).

Time doesn't sit still and many years later I have become a senior citizen, living alone; I no longer drive. And once again the Bookmobile comes to the rescue!

Every three weeks, easy access to unlimited literature, and attentive, helpful assistance from Dè Shaun and Lisa! What more could you ask for?

In 2006 I was on crutches for 10 weeks following Achilles tendon surgery. To get me out of the house, my wife suggested I take the life stories writing class being offered at the library. I did and was hooked. Since then I have heavily involved with the Bloomingdale Writers Connection. I facilitate the Travel Writing Group, have conducted several workshops on self-publishing and for the past five years have co-taught a life stories writing class. During the 10 years I have been involved I have self-published a book of my life stories and more than 30 photo books of my travels. Thank you Bloomingdale Regional Library and especially the Friends group for supporting live story writing.

I've always craved stories. As a kid, going to the library was as good as going to a candy store. I'd get lost in the shelves of books and gobble them up as fast as I could. That never changed. Today, I think libraries are vastly underused. They are such a great benefit to the communities that they serve. Through years of books and time spent studying in libraries, I now write books that end up on those very shelves, waiting for eager kids to gobble them up.

The library helped me learn new things in life.

I'm an avid reader. I used to buy, read, and give away dozens of new books a year. Now that I'm retired and my income's reduced, I use your "app and hold" process to gain access to the best in new fiction and nonfiction and classics I missed - at no cost except for a bit of waiting time. Whether I'm second or 202 on a hold list, I eventually get the book I want. I also use the library as a fun destination for "my kids," as a volunteer Guardian ad Litem. Bottom line: I'm most appreciative of our county library system. It's a valuable asset.

I joined the library book club after entering a new phase in my life. Reading books that I would not have selected and discussing them in detail with our group has opened the world of leisure reading for me. The book club members inspire me to read more. I have also participated in DIY Crafting meetings which are always a lot of fun, very creative and well administered. This week we made solar lights and another time, we decorated fancy small cakes. I attended two presentations this year: one about the Skyway Bridge anniversary, and another about Ruskin's history and document preservation project. I participated in a Tai Chi class too. The library is a wonderful neighborhood resource!

The New Tampa Library is by far my family's favorite! Thanks to the new re-design of the library and the addition of the study station stations with the white boards, I was able to have an "aha" moment with my son. This was our first year homeschooling due to academic difficulties and one day we were using the white boards for math (a subject he has always struggled severely in). I had him telling me what to do, and I was writing the steps down on the board as he instructed me and he flew right through the lesson! This was a huge breakthrough! This was able to tell me that the information is in his head, but he just has a hard time transferring that information into written form. Thank you!

The library is a great place to go to find books. Before I started going to public libraries, I went to my school library. Then I realized that the book I needed was at the Brandon Library. This was the first time in 4 years I went! After that I went there repeatedly. Now I have a lot of A.R. points. Even when I needed help, the librarians helped me.

Libraries, for me, are a place to escape to different worlds! At the age of 16, I've always been an avid reader. Books can whisk me away to places that I've never dreamed possible and hardly ever appear even in my vast imagination! Libraries are a place of peace and discovery! Without libraries, how would we learn to love life?

Ever since I was a child, I loved reading books. Our community had a Bookmobile which I attended regularly. I brought home 10 books every event. Being an 'only child', I was able to escape in my imagination to excitement in other lands, fantasy, Alice in Wonderland and classics: Hawaii. I never stopped going to libraries. Now there is everything imaginable. This led me to my college choice of Liberal Arts. Shakespeare was the most intriguing story of human behavior. I can thank libraries and the people who are so talented and knowledgeable. They can find everything. I admire them greatly. Thank you Hillsborough County.

I absolutely love and appreciate my local library. It's within walking distance of my house and I can easily get anything I need there. My favorite thing to do is find names of many books I want to read and put them all on hold. As they're available, I get convenient texts letting me know I can pick them up. In this way, I can read anything I want. I also take advantage of toddler story times that are available for small children. It's great to have free, indoor activities to brig toddlers too. I'm so thankful for the library!

I'm new to the city and I'm just backpacking around Florida. Even thought it's my first time in the US I am really liking it and from a traveler's point of view libraries are usually one the first places I look for whenever I'm in a new city. Thank you a lot for your services

I really enjoy coming and bringing my family to the library. From learning new experiences and techniques in the workshops to playing games with them. I am proud and happy to see so many others utilize the library regularly. The staff is very professional and the instructor for the class taken is great. My family enjoys reading and I encourage it, but the visits make it rewarding. Thank you for all your services, including teaching me how to check out books on-line (e-books). I will continue to enjoy the time spent here. Thank you so much.

Comencé a asistir para recibir clases de computadora, hay muy buenos instructores, y conoci sobre las clases de Ingles Conversacional, a las 6:00 los miércoles, pero ahora estoy viniendo los lunes, miercoles y viernes para computadora y los miércoles en la noche para conversar, el grupo es estupendo, y no solo aprendemos inglés, sino tambien cultura, historia, geografía, y detalles de la vida en este gran país, como emigrantes y como nos vamos integrando a la vida y recibiendo y dando a las misma vez de nuestras culturas, y cada día damos gracias por poder vivir en este país que nos acoge como residentes y despues nos hacemos ciudadanos y honramos sus leyes, y su forma de vivir.

I moved to the New Tampa just a bit over two years ago although I had a vacation home in Florida for many years. Upon moving to the Tampa area, I began to use the New Tampa library. Despite the well-known lack of resources and money for public schools and many of the publicly funded universities in state, the library system is quite superb and the county and the state need to be congratulated for providing such excellent resources. I am in the library often to borrow children's books for my grandchildren, books for my own reading, CDs and DVDs. I am always amazed by the number of people in the library, studying, meeting with tutors or using the computer facilities. Keep up the great work.

I LOVE the library! I love to read. I used to purchase books but stopped that years ago when I realized I had an abundance of books and did not want them anymore. I have read thousands of books through these long years, all through my local library. I LOVE reserving the books I want from all over Hillsborough and picking them up in Thonotosassa and Seffner. The librarians are always very cheerful and pleasant. KUDOS to the library.

I just want to thank you for the Films on Demand. I'm trying to learn about Art History on my own (using a text and workbook I bought at the library bookstore). I have found so many Videos on Demand that pertain to the subjects I'm studying. So far I've seen videos about the cave paintings in France and Spain, and today it is Sumerian art. I use so much of the library's assets. I check out books, use interlibrary loan, check out ebooks and audiobooks, I use Zinio. And now I've discovered the Videos on Demand. I've told people over and over that I have the best library system in the country, and you keep proving it. Thanks you so much.

THANK YOU Lisa Klopotek, you are AMAZING!!!! I called to confirm my card was still active. All I asked was if card was valid and provided Lisa w/ my #, no further info. She not only advised my card was still valid & until when, she then proactively started telling me about e-books etc., when I advised that was why I was inquiring she then gave me a tutorial on the library website & informed me of all I could do w/ my card & the different area's I may be interested in. I am a corporate trainer w/ a specialty in customer service training & CANNOT begin to say how impressed I was w/ Lisa and I am not one easily impressed as I often customer service lacking by most. Lisa blew me away!!!

I have been coming here ever since I was just a little boy I enjoy the services that the library provides to me and my team.

Hi, I am new to USA. In 2013 I came here. Initially I got registered in the West Tampa Branch Library. They helped show me how to use my library card and related things. My kid is going to primary school. The library books helped to improve her reading level. Now she got above average. Books will vary depends upon occasion. Keep going hcplc. Good luck.

I suffered a medical emergency and ended up in the hospital. I am not a big TV watcher, so there was little to keep my mind off of the situation or to help me relax. I realized I had my smartphone...and headphones. During my hospital stay I borrowed audiobooks from Overdrive and movies from Hoopla. No need to call someone to bring items. An entire library of books, movies, music, magazines, right there for me to use any time I wanted. Even after the dreaded 2 AM blood-draw. Thanks for being my safe space.

Love the Plant City Library. Everyone is so nice there. My kids love going and always leave with a smile on their faces and seeing that puts a smile on my face too. Thank you for making it kid friendly and nice for the parents too.

I come here since 2006 and love it. I also used the Hive video room last month for the small business ad and it was a good experience.

I love the Temple Terrace Library. It's close to home. And I love the fact that they have thousands upon thousands of classic dvds and vhs that you can check out and renew. I have found countless movies (both classic and recent) through the Hillsborough County Public Library Circuit...and I typically choose this route over going to Redbox or Netflix. Sure, it's a bit of extra effort...but I'm guaranteed to get the movies that I want - EVERYTIME!

The Charles J. Fendig Library has always hosted a diverse assortment of characters ranging in ethnicity, age, and lifestyle. I find this pleasantly amusing as I people watch and try to study. I am thankful that there is a place for me to get onto the internet and continue my education because my computer has finally ceased to power up :'( Lastly, the selection of books and other media is also surprising at times and exciting. My favorite find was "Princesses Behaving Badly". Whoever selects the titles for this branch is doing a great job! Thanks for always being there... between 10am and 6pm! :)

My grandmother, who lived with us, but did not know how to drive would take us into downtown Tampa using public transportation. My siblings and I would spend the day having many adventures with our grandmother. In addition to having lunch with her at CJs sandwich shop, we would stop at the post office to add to her stamp collection, visit the art museum and do some shopping, but my favorite stop was the public library. We did not have much extra money so being able to check out young adult books as a teenager helped fuel my love of reading. I am a reading teacher today thanks in part to the John F. Germany Library and I continue to enjoy checking out book and videos at the library.

I grew up here in Tampa... my mother was in the first graduating class of Chamberlain High School, across the street from the North Tampa Branch Library. She taught me my love of books which empowered me to travel the world with many favorites and some brand new authors' vivid characters. I had a heart attack about ten years ago followed by depression and heartache... but I knew I was getting well when I could visit the library and find a book to enjoy!

I love the new building... thank you for all the programs The Friends of Library provide. My daughter, her grandpa and I enjoy them all.

I use 4 libraries regularly according to my planned activities. I compile and submit my weekly news in a clean, quiet and safe environment. I love the friendly, helpful staff. I write the column, News from Progress Village by Gloria, in the Florida Sentinel Bulletin Community Newspaper. I also visit C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. Library, Riverview Library, and Brandon Library on Sundays. I appreciate the available free services provided along with activities and events, I keep you in the Florida Sentinel next to my column. I believe in you and the supporters. Thank you!p>

I just want to thank the library staff for going above and beyond with Interlibrary Loan. I've been learning Dutch for about two years now and have been having a hard time finding reading material. Well, last month I found an old beginning reader in Dutch, of which there was only two or three copies in libraries in the U.S. I didn't have much hope of being able to acquire a copy, but through the Interlibrary Loan system, I had the book within two weeks. I'm so grateful for not only the books in our county system, but also the huge added benefit of Interlibrary Loan that opens new doors. Thanks, Hillsborough County libraries!

Thanks to the Art Programs at the SouthShore Regional Library (Laurie, Arts Coordinator) creativity pours out from my iPhone, colored pencils, watercolors, charcoal, ceramics and a rainbow of ultra-fine point Sharpies. The Adult Writing Workshop (Frank, Elizabeth and Gina, Facilitators) eased my transition from technical writing to more soulful forms of expression such as memoir pieces and poetry that have been published.

The photo, RC Does Halloween, was awarded Best of Show at the 2014 Hillsborough County Fair. It started with an art class - Monochromatic Watercolors - with artist, Arthur.

Every event is an open door to a new opportunity.

I've been visiting the West Tampa branch of the library since I was a little boy. I originally went there with my mom, but when I was 11 or 12, I could ride my bicycle there. It was a different time and world back then (late 60s/early 70s). I still remember the old one room library up the tall flight of stairs on the east side of the current building.

My mom had a business on Kennedy Blvd back then. She would pick me up after school and take me to what was then known as the Peninsula branch (Charles Fendig currently) on Neptune and Church St where I could sit and read till about 5:30PM when she would come to get me and take me home.

I love my library!

Thank you for all you do!

The public library is such a gift to our community. I personally love having a place to get new books to read for myself and my elementary school aged son. Being able to put a book on hold or download it digitally is so convenient and we have attended and enjoyed a variety of library programs since my kids were babies. Our world would be a lesser place without our public libraries!

I like going to the library because the people are helpful. On Sundays, I am learning to read and write with my tutor, Flo Stein. Flo is a good teacher.

My husband and I bring our laptops to use the internet and play games.

I usually get DVDs and books for my job. My little ones enjoy exploring the variety of books I bring in to enhance my lesson plans. Reading area is their favorite center.

This is the best place ever. I come here every day after school, right next to Hunter’s Green. I’m in 5th grade.

STEM Corps is extremely important to me. Every week, I come here knowing I’m learning something I’ve never thought of before. It’s nice to know that one day, I could use this knowledge to reshape my school or community – or even the world.

I like the MyOn program where I've learned a lot about technology, green solutions and fun crafts. This summer I really enjoyed watching movies and especially loved Crafternoons.

I really enjoyed our library's summer reading program. In June I read 60 hours and received a lot of rewards!

My library has a lot of books, and fun events like movies, crafts, puppet shows and other fun activities. I like reading because the teach me history and science.

I like playing with the stuffed rabbit and listening to the 'Singing in the Shower' book.

My kids had a lot of fun during our library's summer program. They are especially excited about the Dinosaur World tickets! They are always asking when we are going next, and enjoy browsing the catalogue to find out what treasures they can check out next. We also enjoy the many activities available such as Crafternoons, Storytelling and (when we can make it) the game afternoons.

My parents instilled me with a great love for reading, and trips to the library were a big part of that. My dad would often take me there after dinner, as a special treat. Heading our separate ways, we'd meet at the circulation desk right before closing to check out our selections, and on the way home, I’d read all the back covers aloud to him.

This year, the memoir I wrote about caring for my parents was made part of our County Library’s permanent collection. My first thought, when learning the news, was how much joy it would have given my mom and dad, just knowing their “kid” has a book on the shelves.

My story is about how I returned to my local library after I had sold my own library and stopped buying books. My old reading habits were that I would leap from buying book after book before finishing the first one. My library was beginning to own me, instead of me owning it. Ironically, I read more now than I did while in graduate school, and my tastes have increased in titles that are full of odd literatures, literatures that I can request through my branch via the glorious ILL (Inter Library Loans). When the books arrive, it is free candy for my mind. I'm so thankful for ILL.

I LOVE Hillsborough County library, with all the kids programs and books available for holds. Thank you for doing a great job!

Reading has always been a good friend to me. Over 10 years ago, I read an article about the Hillsborough Literacy program offered through the library, and because I was eager to share my love of reading with others, I signed up, took the course and have been teaching since then. I am not a teacher by profession, but I take my volunteering seriously, and with the help of the large number of books available in the library system as well as the help of the library and Literacy staff, I feel that I have made a positive difference for someone who wanted to be able to "read better".

Well now, not long ago (2014) I found myself in serious trouble with the law. So with this new Case I was broke couldn't afford an attorney and didn't want to use a Public Defender. When I entered the Law Library I was immediately received by Mrs. Norma (whom would become to be my God Mother today) and Mr. Bill (a down to earth gentleman). Being they were the Law Library Clerks, I felt a warmth of mental support; which made it easier to effectively study law. (These two always kept a priceless respect for me and other patrons). The result proved to be victorious. I developed my legal strategy, pro se, and beat all my cases. I'm free, thanks to Mr. Bill and Mrs. Norma's unbiased support. Love.

I have always loved libraries! When my daughter was born, I would go to the library, and read magazines while she slept beside me in her car seat. When she was 1, we started attending baby story time with Miss Susan. Some of my daughter's friends today are from meeting at story time! We later graduated to toddler story time with Mr. Frank. Today my daughter is 10, but we still enjoy coming to the library to read and relax. It is a family tradition that I hope will continue until she is grown. Thank you!

I have loved going to the library since I was a child. Upon moving to Tampa a few years ago I was so excited that I lived so close to the New Tampa Regional Library! While I do not go out there too often, I absolutely loved finding out that I could rent books via the Overdrive app! It has been a lifesaver for my bank account! I am not longer spending lots of money via the kindle and I can check out books all the time! I love reading and so this has been awesome. There are audio books as well. Even some movies! Then when I want to go to the physical branch, it is so peaceful and the staff has been wonderful!

Thank you so much for your summer reading program and events! We are a military family and new to the area. With the kids off of school, and my husband traveling overseas a lot for work, we have been trying to stay busy. Several times a week, we have found ourselves at the library. My kids enjoyed so many of the events. Thank you for offering such a great selection of programs. I am grateful to watch my children learn, play and be carefree while spending time at our local libraries!

I have been a patron of a public library since I was a little girl and I have always been an avid reader. As a Kindergarten teacher, my reading time is often consumed with professional literature and lesson planning. Through the years I have found less and less time to read for enjoyment. About 7 years ago I discovered audio books at a Hillsborough County Public Library, and my life as a reader has never been the same. I have access to a great selection of genres to keep my car well stocked with audio books. I have a 30-40 minute commute to my school. During my daily drive, I am once again whisked away to imaginary worlds as I listen to books on CD. Because of HCPL I have found an antidote to my problem of never having enough time to read for pleasure. I am more complete in my personal life and feel more creative in my teaching career.

Hillsborough County library has proved exceedingly valuable as I eased my way into retirement. I have been able to take advantage of their ever-expanding enrichment programs such as flower arranging, paper crafting, and cooking easy to prepare meals. The three-session program ranging from the origin of, processing of and brewing of tea was quite educational. There is more to tea than the bagged tea! Another major benefit of the library is their extensive eBook library and the highly qualified technical support that is offered. Monthly emails announcing newly acquired books, keep me up to date on new offerings. Books can be requested. In all cases, they have been acquired by the library in my requested eBook format. Finally, the book clubs are excellent. Discussing books with people of diverse backgrounds sheds new light on the monthly book. The services provided far exceed what was available to me in Pennsylvania.

A quien pueda interesar:
Mi experiencia es esta biblioteca es excelente. Me orienta siempre si tengo duda de algo. Los trabajadores en general me ayudan y colaboran conmigo en cualquier duda que tengo. También, dieron clases en inglés. Su información me ha ayudado en lo particular a encontrar soluciones de grandes problemas con la tecnología y hacer un currículum por el trabajo. Se trabajan con gran dinamismo y orientación a cualquier duda.

To whom it may concern:
My experience is that this library is excellent. It always puts me on the right track when I have a query or question. In general, the staff help me and collaborate with me to answer any question that I have. Also, they taught English classes at the library. Their knowledge has helped me in particular to find solutions for major problems with technology and to make a résumé for work. They work with great dynamism and guidance for any problem/question that is presented to them.

I have been using the library since 1946 when they had bankers’ hours and were not open on Saturdays, now the library is open 24 hours a day. I very seldom check out books, except books for the children that I tutor. Through the library, I learned about an online program called Duolingo and I am learning Spanish.

Being a librarian's daughter, I spent most of my time with her at her job, which was first at the 78th Street Library. I knew how to read already, but since my mother took up her job, my interest in this activity became enhanced. I started reading more for fun, not just to learn how to read. I felt that I was able to expand my imagination.

Being around so many books allowed me to discover new books and new authors to share with my family and friends. It let me join cool programs like Battle of The Books. It also helped me to learn more. I learned about the world around me at an early age, and I continue to learn, not just because I have to, but because I want to.

I finally found my voice in the Storytelling Program. Being young, I had that natural stage fright. As I worked with the other librarians, I honed my talent for storytelling and was also able to progress in the acting world at school.

At the cost of sounding like a children’s sitcom- Knowledge is power, and reading is fun. You never really know how much you know until you try it.

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