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Checkout Guide

Check your library record and renew your items online, or call the automated renewal line at 813-307-4465.

Item Type Keep It For Borrow Up To Request Up To Late Fees
Books & Magazines Keep For: 21 days Borrow Up To: 35* Request Up To: 35* Late Fees: None
DVDs Keep For: 7 days Borrow Up To: 35* Request Up To: 35* Late Fees: None
Audiobooks & CDs Keep For: 21 days Borrow Up To: 35* Request Up To: 35* Late Fees: None
Circulating Technology Keep For: Varies Borrow Up To: 1 Request Up To: 1 Late Fees: None
Realia Keep For: 21 days Borrow Up To: See staff Request Up To: Non-requestable Late Fees: None

*The maximum (total) number of items available for check out is 35. This includes any combination of materials.

You can opt in to keep a reading history by selecting Maintain reading list in your online account preferences.

Digital Checkout

Digital materials are automatically returned and are also not subject to late fees.

  • Overdrive/Libby eBooks & Magazines: Up to 21 days
  • Overdrive/Libby Video: 5 days
  • Hoopla Audiobooks: 21 days
  • Hoopla Music: 7 days
  • Hoopla Video: 3 days
  • Boundless eBooks: 21 days
  • MyON: Read online
  • Tumblebooks: Read online
Digital Service Borrow Up To Request Up To
OverDrive/Libby Borrow Up To: 30 Request Up To: 40
Boundless Borrow Up To: 20 Request Up To: 15
Hoopla Audiobooks Borrow Up To: 12 Request Up To: Always available
Kanopy Borrow Up To: 10 Request Up To: Always available



Materials not returned or renewed by the due date are automatically renewed 2 days prior if eligible. The exception is items that are on hold or have the reached maximum renewal limit. Auto-renewal does not apply to digital materials.

You may renew items online or by calling 813-273-3652 if item is eligible for renewal.


You can return items to any Hillsborough County Library.


Most materials are available for holds except reference, magazines, and children's board books. They must be checked out with the same library card used to request them. Reserved items will be held five (5) days for customer pick up.


There is a grace period of 8 days. Lost/damaged items are billed at full cost. Parents/guardians of children under 17 are responsible for all fees on their child's account.


Realia may not be renewed and must be returned to the library branch from which it was checked out.


Privacy of records is protected under the provisions of Florida Statutes, Chapter 257.261. You must provide your library card number or current photo ID to access your account.


See the printable Using Your Library Card guide for further guidelines. Also available in Spanish.