HCPLC Connect

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Books, movies, and music
Your account
New experiences
New skills
Other readers

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This guide will briefly introduce HCPLC Connect to help you get started right away.

  • See what it's like to register your library card.
  • See what it's like when a child under 13 registers.
  • Learn what's under the My Borrowing area.
  • Check your due dates and holds.
  • Learn how to navigate the My Settings area.
  • Understand privacy settings.
  • Learn about parental permissions.
  • Get familiar with finding items.
  • Place a hold and enable Single-Click holds.
  • Understand For Later, In Progress, and Completed Shelves.
  • Learn how to import your wishlists from the Classic Catalog.
  • Add ratings and reviews.
  • Create a List.
  • See content from other libraries in the U.S.

What is HCPLC Connect, anyway?

HCPLC Connect is a new catalog search experience that will connect you with books, movies and music, technology, your account, new experiences, and other readers.

Why are you changing the catalog? The old one was fine.

During the 2020 VISION planning process, customers told us they wanted well-organized and easily accessible materials in a variety of formats. Those discussions included requests to improve our catalog and make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

Features the community asked for:

  • Improved search experience.
  • Mobile-friendly catalog.
  • Browse lists of recommended and popular titles.
  • Rate and review titles and share them with others online.
  • Create personal reading lists.
  • Recommend titles for us to purchase online.
Improved search experience
Mobile-friendly catalog
Browse recommended & popular titles
Rate, review, and share online
Create personal reading lists
Recommend titles to purchase