LibCon Policies

  • No real weapons, even those no longer functioning, will be permitted.
  • ALL prop weapons must be approved and checked in at the Registration Table before entering the convention.
  • No super-realistic looking knives or guns are permitted. Toy guns must be clearly marked with an orange band on the end of the barrel.
  • No sharp-edged or metal weapons are permitted.
  • No projectiles are permitted.
  • Foam or cardboard weapons are allowed.
  • Inappropriate use of otherwise allowable weapons will require weapons be removed from the convention.
  • Tampa Bay LibCon staff reserves the right to deny entry to any prop weapon.

Contest Rules

Cosplay Contests

Contestants must register for the Cosplay Contests the day of LibCon.

  1. Registration closes ten minutes before the contest.
  2. Costumes from all genres of fandom are acceptable. Original characters are welcome.
  3. The majority of your costume should be handmade, though found items and modifications are recognized as part of cosplay.
  4. Judges will evaluate costumes according to the following criteria:
    • Attention to detail
    • Quality
    • Overall appearance
    • Functionality
    • Stage presence
  5. Actual weapons and other items considered dangerous by LibCon Event staff are prohibited.
  6. Projectiles of any kind, either propelled or simply thrown, are prohibited.
  7. Nudity, offensive language, and unruly behavior is prohibited.
  8. Running, jumping, flipping and acrobatics are prohibited.
  9. Fire, glitter, water effects, and other “messy” stuff is prohibited.
  10. All portions of your costume must leave the stage with you.

Fortnite Gaming Tournament (at SouthShore Regional Library)


  1. Players will be pitted against each other for each match in the bracket.
  2. A player’s score is determined by what placing they achieve in their drop, minus 5 points for every kill. If a player achieves a Victory Royale, they receive a 5 point bonus.
  3. Each player will do up to two drops per match, on whatever platform they prefer. Only their best drop is used to calculate their score for each match.
  4. The player with the LOWEST score wins the match.
  5. Ties are broken by taking the score from the previously unused drop.


  1. After a player is killed, they must remain on the kill screen and alert a staff member to record their score. If a player leaves this screen and cannot prove their score, they are automatically given 100 points for that round.
  2. As long as they follow the in-game rules of a standard online matchmaking and do not exploit any glitches, players may utilize any play style they like, including hiding, hunting other players, building bases, etc.
  3. All matches must take place on North American servers.
  4. Whereas all elements are randomized and players have an equal likelihood of finding loot, ALL weapons, vehicles, and items are fair game.
  5. If a player is kicked mid-game, they may either take their score from the match when they left the game, or they may do that match over.

Smash Brothers Tournament (at Jimmie B. Keel Regional Library)

  1. Registration is day of convention.
  2. Limited to 24 participants.
  3. Tournament limited to ages 13+.
  4. Platform is Nintendo Switch.
  5. Gamecube-style controllers provided by LibCon, though you can bring your own USB compatible controller to use if you wish. All turbos and macros must be disabled.
  6. Matches will be 4 player free-for-all.
  7. Players are allowed 3 lives per round.
  8. Winner advances to the next round.
  9. Matches are set to 5 minutes.
  10. No camping.
  11. No spamming.
  12. Custom moves, characters, and spirits are not allowed.
  13. No equipment.
  14. Stage is chosen from a random pool (Battlefield, Big Battlefield, Final Destination, Smashville, Lylat Cruise, and Pokemon Stadium 2.) All hazards and stage transformations will be turned off.

Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative employees and their families are not eligible to win contest prizes.