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The original OverDrive app is going away, and you can continue to access OverDrive through the Libby app.

Switch to the Libby app now to continue enjoying all your favorite OverDrive content.

Libby has added great modern features:

  • New accessibility enhancements
  • Notifications for holds and new magazine issues
  • Multiple card support
Introduction to Libby

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Sync Wish Lists to the Libby App

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What is the Libby app?

Libby is the app from OverDrive and provides a way to start reading eBooks and audiobooks from the OverDrive digital library. You can borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines to read on your phone or tablet. You can also send your borrowed eBooks to your Kindle eReader. It's free and easy to get started for new users and offers you a streamlined reading experience. You can also use Libby right in your web browser.

Which phones and tablets are compatible with Libby?
  • iOS 10+
  • Android 5.0+
How do I use Libby on a computer or laptop?

If you have a Windows computer, Mac computer, or a Chromebook, you can use libbyapp.com to stream titles in your web browser. For the best functionality, use the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge (Chromium). This site offers the same great features as the app-store version of Libby, minus the ability to download books for offline use. To access this functionality, you can download the Libby app for iOS or Android on a compatible device.

After February 23, 2022, if you already have OverDrive for Windows or OverDrive for Mac you can continue using those applications without disruption. However, OverDrive will no longer support new downloads of those applications.

What is the difference between libbyapp.com and HCPLC's OverDrive site?

Libby is a browser-based app, so the Libby website is an extension of the Libby interface. It's not necessary to use the Libby website since the current HCPLC OverDrive website is available, although you are welcome to use it.

Will Libby work on my Kindle Fire?

Kindle fire users can sideload Libby onto their device manually with the APK (Android Package File). Once the APK is installed, the Libby app will appear and function like any other app on the Fire Tablet. For instructions on how to sideload, please use this step-by-step guide.

Can I continue to read eBooks on a dedicated eReader, like a Kobo?

Yes. From Libby or the HCPLC OverDrive website, you can transfer eBooks to a dedicated eReader via Adobe Digital Editions. All Kobo integrations will also continue to work as expected.

Can I continue to download audiobooks to a desktop computer and transfer to an MP3 player?

After February 23, 2022, if you already have OverDrive for Windows or OverDrive for Mac you can continue using those applications without disruption. However, OverDrive will no longer support new downloads of those applications.

As technology continues to evolve and trend toward the use of mobile devices, OverDrive does not plan to build support in Libby for downloading audiobooks to a desktop computer and transferring them to an MP3 player.

Can I still use OverDrive online?

Yes. You can still browse, borrow, and enjoy titles from hcplc.overdrive.com.

Can I create wish lists in Libby?

Yes! With Libby, you can create tags to categorize titles however you would like. Wish lists from the OverDrive app also sync to Libby.

Will my wish list transfer over?

Yes. Libby will prompt you to sync your wish lists from the OverDrive app and hcplc.overdrive.com. Learn more about syncing your library wish list to Libby.

Will my user history from Overdrive be transferred to Libby?

While your user history will not be transferred from the OverDrive app to Libby, you can export your history from the OverDrive app, so it is not lost or deleted. You can learn how to export your history of downloaded titles from the OverDrive app.

Will checkouts and holds also sync from Libby to OverDrive?

As long as it is the same library card, it will sync your checkouts and holds between the two applications.

Will I be able to recommend titles in Libby?

OverDrive is developing a fresh solution for title recommendations in Libby. All users can recommend titles via the library's OverDrive website.

Are there any type of books (formats) that will no longer be available on Libby that were available on the classic app?

At this moment, PDF is the only format not supported in Libby, and OverDrive is working to provide support for these titles in the future.

In the OverDrive bookshelf I can see if there is supplementary material attached to an audiobook. I am not aware of how Libby makes this available. Right now, I am looking at the same book in both apps' bookshelves and I do not see the supplementary attached material on Libby.

Many supplementary materials are in PDF which OverDrive is currently working to make available in Libby.

Will I still be able to transfer materials using Adobe Digital Editions?

Yes, the ability to transfer will still be in place.

What languages is Libby available in?

Libby automatically uses the language your device or web browser is set to, as long as the language is supported in the app.

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • English
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Swedish

Learn more about changing the app language.

Does Libby allow audiobooks to be downloaded in parts like OverDrive? Some older devices do not have a lot of space.

You can adjust your download settings for all titles. There's an option to download everything, titles under a certain file size, or nothing. Here's how to manage your download settings.