HAAL Pass: Hillsborough All-Access Libraries

What is a HAAL Pass?

HAAL Pass allows every student enrolled in a Hillsborough County Public School, Hillsborough County Charter School or Hillsborough Virtual School, access to public library resources. Family Information Letter

In addition to the great resources students receive from their school media centers, HAAL Pass allows them to use their seven-digit student ID number as a public library card.

HAAL Pass provides students with convenient, year-round access to library resources including:

  • Borrow up to 3 items from any public library branch with no overdue fines or lost book fees.
  • Download eBooks and audiobooks.
  • Receive online homework help from tutors.
  • Get articles from newspapers, magazines and reference books.
  • Use public library computers to type papers and create presentations.

Visit the library's Kids and Teens pages and the schools' Virtual Libraries to explore the resources available.

How does it work?

  • All Hillsborough County Public Schools students are automatically enrolled.
  • Students use their student ID number and a default PIN. No physical library card is issued.
  • The HAAL Pass is not associated with any other library card or account.
  • Students may still have a standard public library card in addition to HAAL Pass.
  • To use library Internet computers, students must complete internet safety training.


Pew Research Center found that 85% of Americans want libraries to work more closely with local schools. Nearly half of low-income children have few, if any, books in their home. We believe that a love of reading and learning is vital to student success and that equity within our community can be built through open access to information.

Note for Parents

Parents may opt their child out of HAAL Pass with this opt-out form. Students who opt out will not have access to public library resources unless they have a standard Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative card and know the full card number and PIN.